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Olga’s Felicity dress

November 16th, 2012

Shortly after starting to read the American Girl books, Olga began to beg for a dress “just like the one Felicity’s mama made her.” Apparently, Olga remembered that I sew, even though I hadn’t had the machine out since we moved to Corvallis. For inspiration, we shamelessly violated somebody’s rights and photocopied the illustration in the book. Olga was very concerned with this illegal behavior.


Mom! What if we get arrested for copying the book! That’s illegal!

We really struggled to find the right lace. We dawdled at the fabric store for close to an hour but still left empty-handed. I finally got courageous and dug through boxes in the garage to find my lace collection, which I knew contained the perfect piece — a “too good to use” length of white double edged flat lace that had been my Baba’s (Olga’s namesake). It was so perfect I cried. I stitched in little snippets of stolen time — while waiting for dance lessons to end, while watching Gavin work with his therapist.

Sewing on the lace

Just like Felicity’s mother in the book, I finished Olga’s dress just in time for a major event. And there you have it.

Halloween 2012

Felicity, Boba Gavin, Sad Baby Ewok, and Evil Death Metal Guy all had a great time. Halloween 2012



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